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Will Land Rover go diesel-only in the UK?

Already, 95 percent of the vehicles that Land Rover sells in the UK are diesels, so why not just go the whole ten yards? That move is not on the board quite yet, but the possibility has been discussed, according to Land Rover's UK managing director John Edwards, speaking to Just-Auto (subs req'd). One of the benefits would be a "more effective production process," he said. The other big plus is the nice, pro-green publicity such a move would create. As Edwards told J-A, "People have this idea that Land Rover just makes gas-guzzlers, but it's not true. The average fuel consumption of our fleet in the UK is over 30mpg. However, moving to diesel-only in the UK would obviously be a very strong message in terms of the environment."

Edwards said the only diesels it sells in the UK right now are pretty much for special orders. Gasoline versions for the US and other markets would continue unchanged.

[Source: Just-Auto]

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