Land Rover to show driveable hybrid prototype this year

At the 2006 Geneva Motor Show Land Rover displayed a platform concept for a hybrid drive system that they called Land_e. Later this year Land Rover will unveil a drivable prototype using the system shown on the Land_e. The Land_e was a four wheel drive off roader in the Land Rover tradition but the engine is equipped with a mild hybrid system similar to the BAS system used on the Saturn Vue/Aura.

In addition the driveshaft to the rear axle can be completely disengaged when rear drive isn't needed reducing friction losses. The rear axle features an integrated electric motor to provide additional torque when needed or low speed electric only drive. Of course any electric motor when driven mechanically generates electricity, providing regenerative braking. Land Rover's target before putting the system into production is a thirty percent improvement in economy and CO2 emissions of less than 150 g/km for a vehicle the size of the Freelander/LR2

[Source: AutoCar]

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