Will the line start forming now to lease a new Honda FCX?

Motor Trend has written a little piece on Honda's latest generation of the FCX, a vehicle powered by electricity which is generated by a hydrogen fuel cell. Honda is claiming that the vehicle would get the equivalent of 68 miles per gallon, if, of course, it were powered by X gallons of gas and not X pounds per square inch of hydrogen. If that sounds appealing to you, and you are not worried about the not-so-abundant source of places to fill up on hydrogen, time to start thinking about getting in line. Honda says that they are going to start offering the latest version of the FCX next year. How many, and at what price? Dunno, but Motor Trend speculates that they will offer them under lease, not making them available for purchase. I would tend to agree. Maybe they should lease home hydrogen filling stations too? Or should they skip the FCX completely? If you'd rather have a Honda Hybrid, stay tuned for more news on that front. Check out our exclusive coverage of the FCX below:


[Source: Motor Trend]

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