Jeep JT planned for SEMA debut in November

Chrysler's Skunkwerks is really nothing more than a bunch of folks who use their spare time to make the kinds of vehicles they'd really like to build. That makes them just like a lot of us -- except that they have the full resources of Chrysler to pull from. One of their latest creations is the Jeep Wrangler JT, which is the Jeep pickup we've all been dreaming of. Built on a Wrangler Unlimited platform, keeps the Wrangler's engine and suspension, and adds a 5-foot bed, a 3-inch lift, a winch, and 35-inch tires. It will be making an appearance at SEMA later this year.

Autoblog got to drive it (around the parking lot), along with a few other cars sprung from the minds of Chrysler's gearheads. Look for a report and pics of the JT in Moab soon. And if you're wondering just what color that JT is, it's called Hearing Aid Beige. Really.

[Source: Motor Trend]

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