9ff proves they can do super-efficient as well as super-power

It is getting to be rather common these days to see a tuning company add ridiculous amounts of power to already high-performance vehicles. Some companies have earned quite a reputation for taking German designed and engineered cars and adding superchargers, turbochargers or just really big engines, such as RUF with Porshces and Brabus with Mercedes-Benz vehicles.
What is usually left by the wayside in these conversions, however, is fuel economy. High performance tuning company 9ff has decided to tackle that angle, in addition to their stable of power modifications. When you think about it, many of the same modifications done to increase the acceleration of a vehicle can also increase its efficiency, mostly by reducing weight. 9ff has started with a Golf 1.9 TDI, then fitted lightweight components wherever possible and changing out the wheels and tires for low-rolling-resistance models. The progress of the vehicle can be tracked as part a ten-part segment on Auto Motor und Sport TV, which begins airing on May 6th. Click here for their own page dedicated to the project.

[Source: German Car Scene via Autoblog]

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