9ff tackles extreme efficiency with 3-liter Golf

Over the past several years, 9ff has established itself as one of the predominant Porsche tuners in the world. With hundreds of happy customers and a handful of uber-exotic one-offs under its belt, the company's boss, Jan Fatthauer, has decided to tackle yet another engineering feat -– fuel economy.

The German buff book Auto Motor und Sport tapped the tuner to create its own highly efficient Golf, inspired by the 3L Lupo, so-named for its average fuel consumption of less than three liters per 100 km. To achieve this goal, 9ff has stripped a Golf 1.9 TDI down to the frame in an effort to reduce weight. At the same time, Fatthauer insists that when the car is complete, it should still retain the safety and performance of its production counterpart.

In addition to the diet, 9ff will be equipping the vehicle with lightweight components, from the engine to the seats, as wells as fitting narrower tires to reduce rolling friction.

The whole process is being documented for a ten-part segment on
Auto Motor und Sport TV, which begins airing on May 6th.

[Source: 9ff via German Car Scene]

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