Project Biodiesel creates their own Youtube channel

After recently "busting the myths" surrounding biodiesel, perhaps you are interested in giving the fuel a try yourself. Go for it! If you still need more information, why don't you check out the new Youtube channel started by grassroots organization known as Project Biodiesel. Feel free to check out their website as well.

So far there are three videos on their Youtube site, the first extolling the hopeful virtues of using algae as a crop for the fuel. The video also gives some other choices for biodiesel crops, and mentions that soy-based oils are the most popular here in the U.S. at this time. I would have embedded all three of them here for you, but that seems to have been disabled. No matter, they are worth watching so click on over anyway!

(Editor's Note: Don't forget that AutoblogGreen has a YouTube channel as well)

[Source: Youtube and Project Biodiesel via Hugg]

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