Defiant Motors formed to lead grassroots VW GX3 revival effort

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Most of you probably remember the Volkswagen GX3, the German automaker's sensational three-wheeled sports concept that stunned LA Auto Show attendees in January of 2006. After a roller-coaster ride of will-they-or- won't-they speculation, including spy shots of a mule undergoing testing, VW canned the project because in today's litigious society, the risks to the company were deemed too great.

Enter Defiant Motors, an entity that has apparently been set up to gauge public interest in seeing a production version of the GX3 come to fruition. In the email we received from Aaron Mady, the owner of the domain, he states that if there is enough interest, the ultimate goal would be to partner with Volkswagen to market a production GX3 as a Defiant-badged vehicle "so that they will not be liable for consumer education that the GX3 is a motorcycle." We have no idea what kind of resources Mady and/or Defiant Motors has at its disposal, so the viability of making step 2 happen is completely speculative.

We're not legal experts, so we'll have to defer to others more versed in matters such as this to determine whether such a situation would or could work. If you do have experience in this arena, we'd like to hear from you in the comments. And Defiant would like to hear from you if you're interested in parking a GX3 in your garage. It may be pie-in-the-sky, but it sure is an interesting idea, and it's just another great example of the kind of grassroots effort you can mount via the Internet. To Mady's and Defiant Motors' credit: they're trying.

Email from Aaron Mady, Defiant Motors:

Subject: VW GX3 Revival

We are trying to revive the VW GX3 concept. We are currently gauging interest through our site and would encourage anyone who might be interested in a GX3 to sign up.

We are hoping to partner with VW and have them produce the GX3 rebadged as a Defiant vehicle so that they will not be liable for consumer education that the GX3 is a motorcycle.

At this point, however, we are merely hoping to see how much interest there is so that we can go to VW with a guaranteed number of orders already ready.

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