GX3 prototype caught testing - production imminent?

The VW GX3 was the runaway hit of the rather staid L.A. Auto Show this past January. Volkswagen hinted at the possibly of producing the three-wheeler but, c’mon, we weren’t taking them seriously.
It turns out there’s been enough positive reaction from the press and public to justify the existence of this road-going test mule caught doing laps at Lotus in England. The rear-wheel drive GX3 would be powered by a 125-hp, 1.6L four-cylinder and weigh as light as a feather. Tipping the scales at next to nothing (relative to its four-wheeled and enclosed counterparts) will produce blasts to 62 mph in 5.7 seconds while returning 44 mpg, though probably not at the same time. All this for the low, low price of 17 large.

If it goes on sale the U.S. has already been chosen as its main market, though VW’s cooperation with Lotus, which is owned by the Malaysian company Proton, suggests the GX3 might well be sold the world over.

[Source: Edmunds Inside Line]

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