Volkswagen's GX3 to be nixed because of legal concerns?

Sadly, Volkswagen looks ready to pull the plug on its GX3 project, which only weeks ago looked set to put the three-wheeled star of this year's L.A. Auto Show in U.S. showrooms by 2007. AutoWeek reports that concerns about U.S. liability laws have driven a stake through the heart of the project, which, although not officially dead, is at best on life-support.

Although the trike would have been classified as a motorcycle, with safety standards vastly different than an automobile's, it sounds like VW lawyers are concerned that the GX3 was just too car-like for (their) comfort.

We really can't blame VW, but we'd sure like to blame somebody... a few staffers are ready to hold a candlelight vigil in hopes that the German automaker will have a change of heart.

[Sources: AutoWeek; Volkswagen]

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