What's the buzz on alternative fuel vehicles? Buzzmetrics knows

AFVI just sent out a post-show email that tries to describe the current state of affairs in the buzz surrounding alternative fuels and vehicles. The key to the email is the graph above, which pinpoints the amount of "buzz" nine different types of alternative fuels had at any time between January 1, 2006 and March 15, 2007. The nine are biodiesel, CNG, pure electric, ethanol, fuel cell, hybrids, hydrogen, propane and clean diesel (It's easier to read in the enlarged version here).

Hybrids dominate the chart, with ethanol and pure electric fighting it out for second and third (for the most part). You can see a giant spike for EVs last summer (when Who Killed the Electric Car? was released). The email doesn't give a lot of details on who was surveyed or how "buzz" was determined, but I've fired off an email to the folks behind the study, Buzzmetrics, to try and find out.

[Source: AFVI]

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