One million MINIs made

The market for MINIs is huge, affirmed today as MINI announced the production of its one-millionth car, a Cooper S hatchback, at BMW's Plant Oxford.

When the MINI first went on sale in 2001, predictions were for 100,000 per year to find new owners. By 2005 there were more than 200,000 zipping off of dealer lots, and last month, March, a record 7,854 MINIs were sold. The seven-figure MINI, made-to-order for BMW's Mobile Tradition heritage division, wore a pepper white paint job and a custom color for the roof called almond green, with matching interior leather. A special graphic on the hood keeps everyone aware of the milestone.

With the new Clubman coming, MINI sales are expected to reach 240,000 per year – enough to keep Plant Oxford's 4,700 workers going round-the-clock building 700 cars per day. For BMW, that means the future looks small, but bright.

[Source: Just Auto]

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