New York Auto Show: Day One concludes, here's the goods

With our cadre of writers recovering from the day's events, we thought we'd give you the opportunity to look over what we've covered so far and what we're looking forward to tomorrow.

We were impressed with Chevy's trio of compact concepts, in the form of the Beat, the Groove and the Trax (DJ references anyone?). Ford took the wraps off its Flex CUV, along with the Foose Edition F150 and Shelby Mustang GT500KR, while Honda's S2000 Club Racer made a quiet appearance.

We were particularly smitten by Hyundai's Genesis concept, plus Infiniti's G37 coupe and EX concept. As always, Mercedes brought out their power players, the CLK63 Black Series and CL65 AMG, making us wish that our pay was commensurate with our tastes.

There's more fun to be had in about 13 hours, so bookmark this page now and follow along as day two unfolds.

Make the jump for a full listing of all the debuts and galleries from the 2007 New York International Auto Show.


2008 LaCrosse Super - Original Post with PR (3.27.2007)

2008 Lucerne Super - Original Post with PR (3.27.2007)


2008 STS Revamp - Original Post with PR (3.28.2007)


C16 Convertible - Original Post with PR (4.2.2007)


Beat, Groove and Trax mini car concepts - Original Post with PR (4.4.2007)
Beat live unveiling with VIDEO

Groove live unveiling with VIDEO

Trax live unveiling with VIDEO

Art School Wrapped HHR Panel wagon - Original Post with PR (4.3.2007)


2009 Flex
- Live Reveal with PR (4.4.2007)

Funkmaster Flex Expedition - Original Post with PR (3.30.2007)

F150 Foose Edition - Original Post with PR (3.30.2007)

2008 Shelby Mustang GT500KR - Live Reveal - Original Post with PR (3.30.2007)


2008 S2000 Club Racer - Official Information with PR (4.4.2007)


2008 H2 - Original Post with PR (3.27.2007)

2008 H3 Alpha - Original Post with PR (3.27.2007)


Genesis Concept - Live Reveal (4.4.2007)
Original Prerelease Post (3.26.2007)


EX Concept - Original Post with PR (3.28.2007) - VIDEO: Around View Monitor
Live Reveal with PR and VIDEO (4.4.2007)

2008 G37 Coupe - Original Post with PR (3.26.2007)
Live Reveal with VIDEO (4.4.2007)


2008 Grand Cherokee - Original Post with PR (4.1.2007)

2008 Liberty with Sky Slider roof - Original Post with PR (4.4.2007)
Live Reveal (4.4.2007)


2008 LX570 - Official Unveiling with PR (4.4.2007)

Mercedes Benz

CLK63 AMG Black Series - Live Reveal (4.4.2007)
Original Post (4.1.2007)

CL65 AMG 40th Anniversary Edition - Original Post (3.29.2007)
Live Reveal (4.4.2007)

2008 C-Class - Original Post with PR (4.2.2007)


2007 NISMO 350Z - Original Post with PR (3.29.2007)


2008 Impreza WRX sedan and wagon - Original Post with PR (4.3.2007)

2008 B9 Tribeca - Original Post with PR (4.3.2007)
Live Reveal (4.4.2007)


2008 Touareg 2 - Live unveiling with PR (4.4.2007)

Miscellaneous Detritus

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