New York Preview: New images of the Callaway C16 Cabrio

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Reeves Callaway will be in New York this week to officially unveil the convertible version of his latest monster Corvette creation, the C16. Unveiled in LA back in November, the C16 packs a mighty wallop underhood thanks to its blown LS2 V8, which pumps out 616 horsepower and 582 lb-ft of torque. Buyers who deem that powerplant too extreme can select a 560-horse "base" engine package instead. Tires may weep at the sight of the new Callaway, but we find smiles on our faces (the words "Callaway Corvette" have done this to us since our teenage years in the '80s). According to the automaker, 0-60 is just 3.5 seconds away, and the C16 Cabrio is apparently an 11-second quarter-mile car, to boot. Nasty.

Like its coupe brother, the Cabrio sports a distinctive familial visage with clear ties to past Callaway products. Around back, the Corvette's posterior has been replaced by a Callaway unit that incorporates single round taillamps that immediately call to mind Aston Martin's DB7 Zagato Roadster. Pricing for the C16 Cabrio starts at $128,765, and existing C6 Corvette owners can also choose from a variety of C16 upgrades to their cars as well. We'll have in-person impressions of the ragtop, as well as a chat with Reeves Callaway, from New York later this week.

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