New York Auto Show: Art school students wrap-up the Chevy HHR

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In an effort to drum up enthusiasm for Chevy's new HRR panel wagon, The General decided to enlist the help of some art students and the results hit on both the sick and sweet sides of the spectrum.

The "Skull from Hell" version (seriously, check the red headlamps) of the HHR was developed by Jim McCammon, hailing from Detroit's College for Creative Studies, and was picked by a number of suits, including Bob Lutz, as the winner of the design contest. The idea, we're assuming, is to appeal to that much coveted 18-25 year-old Death Metal demographic that's moving out of their parent's basement and heading out on tour.

The other skinned wagon took a slightly more practical approach as a flower shop delivery van. Regardless, both vehicles can come equipped in either LS or LT trims, with a 149 HP 2.2-liter or a 175 HP 2.4-liter four. No matter the mill, GM boasts that you'll still get 30 MPG on the highway -- sans amps and flowerpots, mind you.

We've put together a gallery of both vehicles below, and if you really want us to, we'll grab a few live shots on Thursday.
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Chevrolet HHR Panel Puts the Petal to the Metal in N.Y.

A Tale of Two Vehicles: A Fun, Fuel-efficient Delivery Vehicle Blooms With Business Possibilities, While a Student-Designed Treatment is Purely for Pleasure

NEW YORK – What better way to illustrate the uses for the new Chevrolet HHR Panel than with the vehicles themselves? Chevy is doing exactly that at the New York Auto Show with two eye-popping wraps – one for business, the other for pleasure.

A delivery vehicle that looks like a bouquet on wheels shows how the HHR Panel can deliver the goods without draining the gas tank. A personal-use Panel, "Skull From Hell," was designed by student Jim McCammon of Detroit 's Center for Creative Studies.

The show opens to the public on Friday. HHR Panel will be offered in LS and LT trims, with 2.2L and 2.4L engines – both of which help deliver 30 mpg in highway driving.

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