REPORT: Porsche planning mini-Cayenne

Remember when Porsche only made sportscars? It's hard to recall when its line-up has been growing with sport-sedans and sport-utes, but we're assured it wasn't all that long ago. Somebody needs to remind the herren in Stuttgart, though, because if the latest reports are to serve as any indicator, Porsche is drifting further into the mainstream and away from its erstwhile core purpose.

After the Panamera four-door hits the market, insiders are speculating that Porsche's next project will be to produce a baby brother for the Cayenne sport-ute. Positioned against the BMW X3, a baby Cayenne could potentially share components from the upcoming Volkswagen Tiguan and Audi Q5 to help keep development and production costs down, although it would be built in-house at the new plant Porsche has built for the Panamera. Power would be tipped to come courtesy of the Cayenne's V6 and V8 engines, though we wouldn't expect a turbo version.

A smaller version of the Cayenne would undoubtedly be one of the best performing mini-utes on the market, but is this just another answer to a question no one was asking?

[Source: AutoZeitung via Motor Authority]

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