GM Vice President Beth Lowery's thoughts on the environment and CAFE

Beth Lowery, Vice President, GM Environment and Energy, has posted a new entry on the GM Fastlane blog site. She gives her personal thoughts on GM's stance on the CAFE (Corporate Average Fuel Economy) standards and their role in changing the environment. She sets out to dispel what she refers to as "two long-time myths" regarding GM. The first is that "GM doesn't care about the environment", the second is that "The CAFE program works." It is clear that GM has something to either gain or lose if CAFE standards are raised, as many are pushing for. She says that "we believe that it is the company's obligation to society" to "to develop new vehicles, powered by new systems running on alternative fuels as the only way we'll be able to grow our business and meet the world's growing energy demands."

I would say that it is the obligation of every person and corporation to examine their impact on the environment and make whatever changes are necessary and feasible to reduce their own "footprint," as they say. That seems like common sense to me. GM is actually doing a very good job of investing in alternative fuels and technologies these days, despite the fact that some claim they "killed the electric car" a while back. Will they revive it with the Volt and their E-Flex platform? Perhaps, with the assistance of smaller companies who are working on their own electric cars.

[Source: GM Fastlane Blog]

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