GM plans 7 world premieres for NY Auto Show

We're officially getting pumped up for the New York Auto Show. Bomb #1 dropped yesterday as the Infiniti G37 embargo got vaporized like the White House in Independence Day. The runup to the show is in full effect, and that's always a fun time. Today we got word that the gang at GM is planning world premieres of one concept and six production vehicles. Those come in addition to the US debut of Saab's E100 concept and a parade of other showpieces like the new CTS, the Camaro Convertible, the Saturn Astra, and other fun stuff.

The concept is described as a "closely guarded world concept," which makes us very curious bloggers, indeed. On the production side, you can pretty much pencil in the two Buick Supers, and we know what two of the others are (check back a week from today), but on the last two, we're still in the dark, though we can make very educated guesses on them. In any case, a good time is sure to be had by all, and we've got a big team standing by to bring you all the news as it rolls off Bob Lutz's tongue.

[Source: NYIAS]

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