BusinessWeek spills beans on '08 STS interior

click above image to view a gallery of concept interior components from GM

The entire Autoblog team was impressed with the 2008 Cadillac CTS when it debuted at the Detroit Auto Show last month. "You have to sit in it," was the command heard most among the crew, and indeed the interior is as dazzling as the new sheetmetal. The CTS interior is the first example of how General Motors' renewed focus on interiors is paying off in ways more noticeable than just better buttons for the radio. BusinessWeek has published an article that details many of the individual interior components being redesigned and rethought at GM, including said radio controls, the steering wheel, seats, key fobs and more.

It's a good read, but as many astute auto enthusiasts noticed, the accompanying slide show includes a pic of an interior that appears to be that of the 2008 Cadillac STS. Actually, the interior shown is the exact same one with a different steering wheel that debuted inside the long-wheelbase SLS now beind sold in China. We called it back in November that the Chinese SLS interior would likely show up in our own domestic market STS, and this new pic seems to indicate that's correct. Hopefully this means we'll also get the highly detailed CTS-like grille from the SLS and its other exterior tweaks. For that matter, we wouldn't mind a long-wheelbase version of the STS on this side of the globe, either.

Check out the gallery of other concept interior components that GM has been working on.

[Source: BusinessWeek via GMInsideNews]
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