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Spy Shots: Next Pontiac Vibe to be renamed G and debut in New York

Looks like Pontiac might be losing their Vibe for 2008. And we don't mean the two versions of the Vibe they already killed off. What will be showing up in its place is likely to be a similar vehicle, but the name will change. In place of "Vibe" we are likely to get a "G" something or other, to fit with the current naming formula being employed within Pontiac. Maybe we will get the VVT-i versions back if they release a GT down the road.
There's also a spy photo of the new vehicle courtesy of KGP Photography, and although it is heavily cloaked at the front and rear, you can see a revised side that somehow manages to be different and the same all at once. Think evolution instead of revolution. Rumor has it Toyota will again get its own version of this vehicle, but we aren't sure whether or not it will retain the "Matrix" moniker. "Vibe" might be available, if they're interested.

[Source: The Car Connection]

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