Heico Sportiv bioethanol S40 to campaign in 24 hrs. of the 'Ring

Volvo tuner Heico Sportiv is bringing a special HS4 ODIN to Germany's Nurburgring in June, but they're trying to leave excess CO2 behind. Fueled by bioethanol E85, a nearly carbon-neutral fuel, the special ODIN has been tuned specifically for the renewable fuel, and the car will be a testbed to further develop E85's potential.

Racing really will improve the breed, as whatever is learned by Heico, or any other racers entering the new alternative fuel class at the 'Ring, will be experienced under conditions that love to thwart you. The ODIN will also be shaking down a new set of 18" Toyo slicks, currently in the prototype stage. We'll see if this greener Volvo still has the hammer of Thor behind it to nab another victory at one of the toughest races in the world.

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[Source: Heico Sportiv via Carscoop]

Weiterstadt, Germany - Motorsport and ecology are not in disagreement with each other. HEICO SPORTIV will prove this as the first racing team running a 2.5 litre turbo engine with E85 bio ethanol.

HEICO SPORTIV will be racing the class winner of the 24h race 2006, the HEICO HS4 ODIN. HEICO SPORTIV PR and Motorsport representative Patrick Brenndφrfer explains: "The drastic reduction of CO2-output is one of the main concerns of the automobile industry for the future. As a tuner and racing team we can also make a difference. By using innovative technologies, motorsport and ecology don't have to be a disagreement."

Bio ethanol E85 is a renewable resource. Ethanol is alcohol-based and is made from starch, sugar and plant cellulose such as corn, sugar beet and cereals. E85 stands for a mixture of 85% ethanol and 15% normal gasoline. Using this fuel the CO2 output is almost neutral, because the only carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere is that used in developing the plant materials. This is how bio ethanol can be a step to reduce CO2 emissions and slow the greenhouse effect.

The 24h race of the Nurburgring on the 9th through the 10th of June, 2007 sets perfect conditions for future technology teams like HEICO SPORTIV. There had been announced a specific class for alternative fuels. Race manager of the 24h race, Mr Hans Schnock: "Back in the 70's the ADAC Nordrhein announced a diesel class. In the 90's there were the first factory racing teams and the first victory in 1998. By now diesel-cars are completely integrated and make up a big part of the starting grid. We promise the same effect with the new alternative fuel class. Today we have Hybrid powered cars as well as race cars with natural gas, liquid gas, and bio ethanol. Those firms that want to test these technologies have the perfect opportunity at the biggest race on the longest and toughest racetrack in the world."

Project "E85 bio ethanol" isn't reduced to fuel alone. Various modifications to engine, software, fuel system and tank were necessary to meet the requirement of E85 bio ethanol.

Next to the environment issue the endurance race on the Nurburgring has more potential for technical development. The Japanese tire maker TOYO TIRES is expanding its racing activities and is set to deliver exclusively to HEICO SPORTIV 18" prototype-slicks. "The Nurburgring Nordschleife gives TOYO TIRES all possibilities that can be imagined by our tire engineers. For our development this kind of research is very important," said marketing manager Rόdiger Hφlzel. Still on board: Castrol, Eibach, Sebring, and the Volvo Auto Bank.

Located in Weiterstadt/Hessen, HEICO SPORTIV began racing in 1995 at the toughest endurance race for touring cars, the 24h race at the Nόrburgring. After the legendary 850 T5 and various S40s the HEICO HS4 ODIN debuted in 2006. The highlight of a very successful session was the class victory at the 24h race. Finishing the 3.000 kilometer hunt through the green hell is the first goal. It is to prove that bio ethanol can last for the high requirements at the toughest long distance race in the world.

Drivers will once again be the experienced HEICO employees Patrick Brenndφrfer, Frank Eickholt and Martin Mόller.

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