Ecorazzi highlights Q'Orianka Kilcher and her Honda FCX with video

We have told you about Q'Orianka Kilcher's being the youngest person ever to lease a car powered by hydrogen, in this case the Honda FCX. Now, we can share with you a video of the presentation and short speech that she made when she received the car, courtesy of Ecorazzi, the site dedicated to the stars and their related greenery.

It is certainly a good message that this young girl is giving, and doing it while most of the population her age is thinking about getting their first car, the fact that a star is promoting this lifestyle choice couldn't be a bad thing. I think that this is true no matter what your view of hydrogen as a fuel source is, as Q'Orianka promotes all alternative fuels, again, as Ecorazzi points out.


[Source: Ecorazzi]

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