Autoblog does the Autorama

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If you went to the Autorama in Detroit, you saw a lot of hot-rods with big-time blowers, some of the best paint-jobs ever, and lots of expensive memorabilia. What you didn't see were Hondas and Toyotas (except one Avalon) because Autorama is all about Motor City Metal with Plymouths, Fords, and Chevys as far as the eye can see. There were hundreds of cars and trucks filling up Cobo Arena and many of the automotive artworks were built by regular folks, which makes it way cooler than when the big corporations fix up our favorite hotrods.

Each year the organizers of Autorama pull in some celebrity talent to bolster attendance, and this year they had pro wrestlers, Sponge Bob, "Overhaulin's" Chris Jacobs, and the legendary mod-master Chip Foose. The line to get an autograph was longer than the checkout at Best Buy the day after Thanksgiving, and Chip gave his fans something worth standing in line for. One lucky kid got an autograph and a hand-drawn sketch from Chip himself.

The Autorama is all about showing you transportation at its finest, and sometimes you see something other than a car or truck. There were some heavily-decorated Semis and quite a few motorcycles there to share the spotlight. The skull-mobile pictured above drew quite a crowd. You'll have to hit the Autorama Photo Gallery to see the casket-toting bike that goes by the name "Purgatory".

The big draw, though, will always be the classic cars from the 30s through the 70s and this year was no different. The '57 Chevy always has a large presence at the show and with this year being 50th anniversary, there were plenty out there.

Another area where there was a lot of competition was with interiors, with some completely restored and others completely redone. One '68 Camaro had a 2006 GTO interior complete with dashboard and seats. We had a good time at the show, even with the stomach-ache inducing glazed almonds. Be sure to take a peek at the gallery, and if you have good pics of your own, send them our way.

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