Friday Humor: Alright, you've got your car covered, how 'bout your pet?

Great, just what I need! One more thing to be worried about covering... my dog's gaseous emissions. Yeah, I realized that they had odor issues every once in a while, especially when I share my food with them, but I didn't realize that all their methane production could be covered with credits! I guess you learn something new every day... Notice too that I put this one under "Natural Gas". Ha Ha!!!

By the way, this is serious - as in, you can buy these credits from "Easy Being Green". But, really this is mostly fun and games. According to this article, "Company spokesperson Murray Hogarth concedes that the "flatulence cards" fall on the "gimmicky" side of the company's otherwise serious product line, which is designed to help consumers and small businesses address greenhouse gas emissions."

Here is my suggestion: worry about our cars first, then if we need something else to worry about ... we can come back to this one! Actually, we should be more worried about all the dairy cows.

[Source: National Geographic]

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