I will call them: Minibatteries! mPhase and Lucent to bring nanobatteries to market

Regular readers of our site are well aware that battery technology is often cited by major carmakers as a hurdle that needs to be overcome to be able to mass produce electric and hybrid electric automobiles. GM, with their Volt concept, and many other manufacturers are placing their bets on high power lithium ion batteries.

mPhase Technologies is working with Lucent Technologies on a new nanobattery that uses what they are calling "nanograss" tubes. To quote them, "These tubes provide a "Superhydrophobic NanoStructured Surface" atop of which can be placed a droplet. The droplet sits above the tubes with little or no interaction with the tubes themselves. But by careful engineering the droplet can be made to fall within the space between the tubes encountering a greatly increased surface area and interacting with the tubes themselves to causing current to flow. The drop can be engineered to occur upon a variety of stimuli: voltage, RF and/or others."

They are claiming advantages that include: miniturizing, quick ram up to full power, inexpensive manufacture and long shelf-life. All of these properties would make them a good candidate for reserve power. Might batteries like these hold charges for long enough periods, cheaply, to act as an "energy storage tank" to refill electric cars?

[Source: mPhase via Gizmag]

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