Pay no attention to the voice of God in your car

OK, we know how useful you're finding your sat/nav system, but please ignore it. That seems to be the message being sent to motorists passing through the village of Exton in Hampshire. Seems the navi tells drivers to take a road that is just 6 feet wide. Not a problem for most, but for drivers of large vehicles, especially trucks (or lorries, as the Brits call them), the result is usually a stuck rig. So the town has put up the country's first signs warning drivers to explicitly ignore their systems.
Poor Beacon Hill Lane has had its fill of flattened bushes and flowerbeds. So the residents pressured the council to do something about it. The council put up the signs last year and the residents have said it has improved the situation markedly. It's scary when obeying technology overrides our common sense, but this seems to be a trend. Cell phones are an obvious target, but GPS has been to blame in France already, and German motorists seem to be particularly adept at driving off piers or into construction sites when prompted by the voice in the box. Let's be careful out there, folks.

[Source: Daily Mail via ARBROATH]

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