Red carpet at the Academy Awards will be showcase for green vehicles, especially the Tesla Roadster

Global Green USA will have 30 alternative fuel and electric vehicles ready to shuffle celebrities on Oscar night. And the Tesla Roadster is likely to be the headline attraction, probably outshining many of the stars on the red carpet. In fact, Global Green won't disclose who'll be in the passenger seat. They're going to the milk the publicity opportunity for every possible photo op.

One known celebrity will be Davis Guggenheim, who is the director of the Oscar-nominated documentary "An Inconvenient Truth."

This will be the fifth year Global Green has sponsored the green-car service. Leonardo DiCaprio was one of the first to sign on, and he'll be there again this week as a nominee.

Hybrids were the original choice but now alternative-fuel and alternative technology vehicles will be showcased. Look for ZAP to have its 3-wheeler and pickup there.

So tune in to the pre-show activities and check out the green cars near the red carpet.

[Source: Mary Milliken / Reuters via TV Guide]

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