Earthrace attempts to circumnavigate the globe using only renewable fuels

A while back, we showed you a catamaran that crossed the Atlantic using solar power. They also planned a return trip back across the Atlantic to New York. That was the first time a vehicle made the voyage powered by something other than fossil-fuels since boats were human and wind-powered. Now, we are updating you on a team attempting what they refer to as an "Earthrace." The team is circumnavigating the globe in a powerboat using only renewable fuels. They also plan to beat the current 75-day record, which was set in 1998, by over ten days.

The striking boat is a Trimaran design, measuring 78 feet by 23 feet (click the photo to see it in high-res). The vessel can run up to 45 knots using its two Cummins engines at 540 horsepower each running on B100 biodiesel fuel. The 2500 gallons of fuel storage allows the vessel a range of 3000 nautical miles. The carbon and kevlar hull is designed to pierce, or even submarine through waves, allowing good speed through the treacherous conditions at sea. You can read more about the boat, its crew and even follow their blog here at their site. Be sure to check out their high-res images too!

[Source: Earthrace via Gizmag]

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