Around the world on biodiesel

The pages of AutoblogGreen generally focus on land based transportation, but we thought we should make you aware of an attempt to break the record for circumnavigating the globe in the Earthrace. Earthrace, a 78-foot boat, looks like a seagoing version of the Batmobile, and is able to cut under waves like a submarine. The twist with this record breaking attempt is the fuel the boat is being run on. The Earthrace is strictly run on biodiesel. The skipper, Pete Bethune, and his wife are strong supporters of biodiesel, and are trying to raise awareness for the fuel with an 18-month tour calling at 60 of the world's great cities. The current record for circumnavigating the world stands at 75 days. The Earthrace aims to take 65 days to cover the same distance, in the first attempt ever to be powered solely by renewable fuels. Check out the article and the website for loads more information about the attempt and some nice images.
[Source: 24 Hours Vancouver]

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