Coattails: Audi gets unintentional boost in Chevy spread

Call it a value-add of sorts. Perhaps Chevrolet is hoping that some of the goodwill towards Audi amongst enthusiasts will rub off on their HHR. Either that or someone was asleep at the switch. On page 2 of the February 5th issue of Automotive News, a new Chevy ad depicts a tribal-tattoo-patterned HHR. Above said retro-wagon happens to be a series of interlocking rings. While the rings don't appear to be Audi's actual logo, they're close enough.

We can't help but wonder why the photographer didn't flag this from the get-go, and as it went down the line, someone, somewhere, either with GM or its ad agency certainly should have noticed and considered it. No word on whether heads have rolled, but we're sure there was at least one stern talking-to upon discovery of this anomaly.

Thanks to tipster Christian.

[Source: German Car Blog]

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