The barrage continues: GTR caught testing at Infineon/Sears Point

Have we overdone the GT-R coverage yet? We didn't think so, either. This is a pretty hotly anticipated player in the sports/GT segment and we can't get enough of it. After discovering a new GT-R on California's freeways recently, the spy photogs decided to give chase and ended up driving all the way to Sonoma. The Nissan team was apparently headed to Infineon Raceway at Sear's Point to dial in the new super Skyline for final production tire and wheel specs. The Edmund's team reports that the turbo all-wheel-drive Nissan was unofficially clocked as running within tenths of a second of the 997 Turbo Porsche the group had brought along for comparison. Turbo performance at Carrera prices? Sounds good to us. Plenty of pics and even some video available by following the read link.
[Source: Edmund's Straightline]

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