Spy VIDEO: Nissan GT-R caught testing in So. Cal.

Last week, we were presented with the first of what's likely to be many spy shots of the upcoming Nissan Skyline GT-R testing in the U.S. The pic of the GT-R filling up at a gas station in New Mexico was enough to escalate our heart rate to levels we hadn't felt since high school, but now Edmunds sent their crack team of lens-wielding sleuths to follow the GT-R from New Mexico all the way to Southern California, where Nissan has a testing facility in Torrance.
They didn't come away with just a few stills of the GT-R either; they were smart enough to bring a video camera to catch the Nissan making the rounds on L.A.'s less-than-ideal roadways.

Just like the Nurburgring shots that we saw a while back, a Porsche 911 Turbo is always in tow, but when the GT-R was prowling the streets of Los Angeles, a support truck, carrying varying sets of wheels and tires was never far behind.

Although there's not much to report on the styling front, KGP's crew was able to pick out a set of steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters that gives credence to the fact that this newest GT-R will not be equipped with a manual gearbox. Instead, the smart money is on some kind of tricked-out automatic, or, even more compelling: a DSG-like setup.

The new Skyline GT-R is set to debut at this year's Tokyo Auto Show and, for the first time, we'll be on hand to cover it. What, you think we'd miss out on one of the definitive unveilings of 2007?

[Source: Edmunds]

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