Infiniti dealers infuriated over losing GT-R

How would you feel if one of the most anxiously awaited automotive arrivals in recent history were just swiped from your showroom floor? Infiniti dealers are reacting to Carlos Ghosn’s announcement last week that the GT-R, the latest iteration of the company’s Skyline sports car designed for total global consumption, would be sold in the U.S. with a Nissan hood ornament. Ghosn cited the fact that brand's North American operations couldn’t prove the Infiniti emblem on the GT-R’s hood would generate more sales or profits.

Infiniti sales were down a sharp 9 percent in the first quarter of the year and dealers were hoping the GT-R would fill out the brand’s narrow lineup (four cars, two SUVs), as well as be a halo vehicle around which the company could rally. All is not lost, however, as the redesigned G35 sedan that debuted at the NY auto show last week was received very well by the press.

[Source: Automotive News via AutoWeek]

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