Talking urinal cake's anti-DWI message: "Hey there, big guy. Having a few drinks?"

Of course, just like any sane person would be, we at Autoblog are totally against drunk driving. There have been a few technological nannies cropping up of late lately to help combat the problem, including breathalyzers mounted in vehicles that are wired to the ignition circuit. Thise devices won't allow your car to start until you've passed the test. We won't weigh in on whether these are a good idea or not at this time (personal rights or the rights of others?), but we will show you a new talking urinal cake that's designed to remind men to call a cab or get a designated driver if they have had too much to drink.
The urinal cakes are made in New York, and have reportedly been used by advertisers already. We're not sure how we would react if given an advertisement while we were... ahem, relieving ourselves, but a friendly reminder to drive safely may not be the worst advice in the world, huh?

[Source: Yahoo News]

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