POLL: Should Pontiac change its logo?

Seems like more than a few automakers still believe that little tweaks can have a big impact. Consider all the hoopla over Ford reviving the Taurus and Sable names. Likewise, Pontiac actually unveiled a new concept logo at the Chicago Auto Show last week that could be found between the nostril-like grilles of the new G8 sedan. Unlike the current logo that's been around for as long as we can remember, the new one is monochromatic with a bezel of chrome that surrounds a textured silver inlay. Pontiac says the logo on the G8 is technically a concept, and that reaction to it by the public will be gauged to determine whether or not a change is called for. No doubt some will decry the lack of that passtionate red in the logo's center that has been Pontiac's unofficial-official color. Unfortunately, the red never made Pontiac any more passionate of a brand, so perhaps clinging to it for sentimental reasons is a bit silly. So we want to know (and we're sure Pontiac does, too) whether or not you like the new logo.

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