Forbes figures out what your car says about you

If you drive a Cadillac Escalade, Forbes' Dan Lienert has your number. Lienert says you are an unapologetic risk taker who makes about $175k a year and like to entertain. On the other hand, if you prefer to drive a Lexus LS, you are intelligent, polite, well-traveled and family oriented.

The story covers eight other high-end luxury and sports cars, so all you Yugo drivers (like to hang on to possessions for purely sentimental reasons, might also own a Fuego, prefer champale to champagne and probably make much less than $160,000 a year) can rest easy knowing Forbes doesn't yet know your marketing profile.

All these generalizations are based on brand-sponsored market research and quotes from automaker representatives, so the validity of the broad suppositions they make are less than scientific. And please keep in mind we're just the messenger.


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