RIP: Buick Rainier

As General Motors refines the future of their brands, they're trimming out redundancy and we have a hard time coming up with a more redundant vehicle than the multitude of GMT 360 based 'utes across all the GM brands.

The Buick Rainier is one version of this ubiquitous platform that no longer has any reason for living; thus, production will end during the second quarter of 2007. Buick's plan is to trim the lineup back to three or four models, while focusing on developing and turning them out extremely well. The focus of Buick's future is taking the brand further into luxury, rather than offering everything the other divisions do, but with plusher seats. The buying public has found religion with car-based CUVs, as well, so dropping the Rainier to focus on execution of the Enclave is a shrewd move. Competition from other luxury brands, such as the Lexus RX vehicles, which have been based off car platforms since their inception are preferred by consumers and no amount of niceties inside will make up for the lumbering feel of a body-on-frame truck. Rather than have two vehicles vying for consumers hearts -- and confusing them in the process -- we laud the decision to lay the Rainier to rest.

[Source: Detroit Free Press]

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