No, you don't drink the black liquor. Volvo invests in Chemrec AB for production of synthetic gases

As Volvo's vehicles get cleaner and cleaner, the company is helping to create renewable fuels to power them. This week, the company announced that Volvo Technology Transfer AB is investing in Chemrec AB, the "World Leader in Black Liquor Gasification" and a company Volvo says has developed a technology (after 15 years of work) for the production of synthesis gases. Actually producing fuel is the next step.
Chemrec, which operates a plant in Piteå, Sweden, uses black liquor (a residual product from the pulp industry) to produce synthesis gas. While black liquor can be burned to recover chemicals and use the heat energy, Volvo says, gasifying the liquid is more efficient because it nets a number of by-products – including synthesis gas. And then, somehow, "With this synthesis gas it is possible to utilise known techniques to extract vehicle fuels such as bio-diesel, hydrogen gas, synthetic diesel and DME."

[Source: Volvo]

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