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Portugal wants 45% renewable electricity output and 10% of all fuels to be biofuels

Here is some shocking news: The Government plans to make nearly half of the electricity consumed using wind, wave and solar power! Oh wait... that's the government of Portugal. Well, still, it is great news. The old goal was 39 percent in 3 years, it was recently upped to 45 percent by Prime Minister Jose Socrates.

"This new goal will place Portugal in the frontline of renewable energy and make it, along with Austria and Sweden, one of the three nations that most invest in this sector. Portugal is one of the nations in the world with the most hydroelectric potential still left to explore. Biofuels are going to be one of our main energy bets," said Socrates.

Last year, Portugal built 36 new wind parks and the world's largest solar power plant, and next year, the world's first commercial wave power station is planned for the country's northern Atlantic coast, according to this article on Yahoo news.


[Source: Yahoo]

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