Sweden plans to abandon fossil fuels completely by the year 2020

I think this is one of the more impressive plans I have heard in a while. Sweden plans to completely stop using all fossil-fuels by the year 2020. What are the chances that the U.S. is next? To reach this rather ambitious goal, the government there plans tax breaks for consumers who heat their homes with renewable fuels and a "green certificate" system for utilities that meet their standards. Volvo plans to be the first heavy industry to emit ZERO global warming pollution by the end of THIS year. Again, very impressive methinks.

Sweden already gets 26 percent of their energy from sources other than fossil fuels, and plans to get new electricity from renewable sources such as wind, wave and solar power.

This is very ambitious, as Sweden is the second-highest per-capita consumer of energy in Europe at this time. Not everyone thinks they will reach their goal. According to Per Kågeson, director of Nature Associates, large-scale conversion to ethanol could lead to more clearing of rainforests and ultimately elevate greenhouse gas emissions in countries outside of Sweden. It could also mean the end of Swedish biofuel exports. Countries that rely on Swedish biofuel may be forced to switch to fossil fuels.


[Source: Green Options]

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