R W Simpson trucks get greener, get yellow Simpsons paint job

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Ahh, here's a story that can really take advantage of our new photo galleries. The 450-pixel image you see with this post can't really show off the Simpsons characters air brushed on the sides of the Volvo trucks. So, click on the image to see the 1,280-pixel version (is that Bart with Maggie's pacifier?). While the decoration is cool and all, the reason I bring this truck to your attention is because the UK delivery company R W Simpson (no relation) is using the cartoon characters on one of its new, more fuel-economical Euro 4-compliant Globetrotter XL-cabbed Volvo FH trucks with SCR technology. The delivery company ordered multiple Euro 4 and Euro 5 trucks, which have an improved fuel economy of about seven and a half percent compared to the Euro 3 FHs it ordered at the same time.

Of the 41 trucks R W Simpson ordered, 15 are Euro 4 6x2 FH-460 Globetrotter XL-cabbed tractor units, 24 Euro 3 FH 6x2 tractor units, one Globetrotter XL-cabbed Euro 5 FH-480 with I-Shift, and, of course, the painted Simpsons cab. Managing director David Simpson said the company will be looking for government assistance for more Euro 5 trucks if the proposed London Low Emission Zone becomes a reality.

[Source: R W Simpson]

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