Design Geely's new logo, win RMB 2 million (that's $257k)

While Geely's logo isn't exactly iconic (ha ha), it's not nearly as bad or imitative as some we've seen out of China. In fact, it reminds us a bit of the old Plymouth logo. Nevertheless, the Geely folks think they need a new one and they're asking you, yes you, to design a new one. They're willing to award the best logo designer $257,000 for their work. There are some rules you need to follow, which are outlined in the press release after the jump. Not mentioned, though, is the company's new advertising slogan, "Beyond_The Value." And, yes, the underscore is intentional. So you might want to keep that in mind as you put in $250,000 worth of logo designing.
With all the creative entries we had on our business card design contest, we're hoping our readers don't disappoint. When the chosen logo is announced sometime after August, we expect to be showing you a photo of one of our more artistic regulars holding an oversized check with a bunch of Chinese zeros on it.

We had a hard time finding a place to enter the contest, but you might start by emailing Geely spokesman Zhang Xiaodong at

Editor's note: Sorry about the typo Zhang's email address, now corrected.

[Source: China Car Times]

Geely's New Logo Design Contest to Award RMB3.6 Million to Worldwide Competitors

Geely Holding Group announced that a special fund of RMB3.6 million will be prepared for a global competition for a new Geely logo, the grand prize of which will be awarded RMB2 million. Now eyeing the international market, Geely seeks to establish its further global presence by inviting domestic and international involvement in contributing to the Company's new image. This announcement was made in a Beijing news conference on January 9.

The criteria of the new Geely logo is set to be symbolically representative, artistic and practical, capable of embodying the corporate concept and spirit of Geely Holding Group, reflecting Geely's ultimate aim to become a national pride of the auto industry and its emphasis on quality, technology and technical accomplishments. The entire design should be easy to remember, establishing a continuation to the current logo, yet with a nice artistic touch for the new age. The new logo should also be able to be reproduced easily on all materials for manufacturing and marketing purposes.

Li Shufu, Board Chairman of Geely, noted that the Company has been highly successful in realizing its target, which is reflected in the slogan -- "Getting involved in the global auto industry; Revolutionizing the China auto industry." This was only the first step in a long march, and the Company is now paving way for global expansion. Of the over 60 million vehicles sold worldwide every year, the China market accounts for less than 10%, meaning that 90% are sold in other parts of the world. Geely sees it as a great opportunity as it aims to export two thirds of its production in the future. The Company in now preparing proactively in all aspects, including branding, marketing, setting up a corporate culture as well as its overall management, to make way for its position in the international market.

Geely will award a total of RMB3.6 million to winners of the logo design competition, of which the one and only "Grand Prize" will come to RMB2 million, with ten "Special Geely Awards" will each be granted a Geely Yuanjing automobile, with a further 100 "Finalists" and 300 "Creative Awards" also being credited.

Winners will be decided by adjudicators including a team of renowned experts and public involvement, and the selection process will be divided into four phases: 100 submissions will be short listed by August this year in the first phase, then down to 50 and 10 in next phase until one grand prize is finally announced.

Geely Holding Group targets to sell two million cars by 2015, of which two thirds are to be sold overseas, which makes up 2.5% of the international market share. By selecting the best design out of a global contest, the Company looks forward to positioning itself as an international brand well-received both domestically and abroad.

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