The Autoblog Redesign Our Business Cards Contest: Winners announced!

Autoblog winning design entry by Sean S.

AutoblogGreen winning design entry by Jeremy K.

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We present to you the winners of our Autoblog "Redesign Our Business Cards Contest". Congratulations go out to Sean S. who designed the winning Autoblog entry and Jeremy K, the designer of AutoblogGreen's new business card. Both winning entries manage to combine all the traditional elements of a good business card design, while including some out-of-the-box elements we really liked.

There were so many entries and at least eight or so for each contest that could have easily been chosen as the winner. We've included those very close runner ups after the jump for your review, as well as a nod to those excellent designers who submitted them. This contest was a great success and thanks go out to everyone who entered, as well as Pioneer for putting up the prizes. Both Sean S. and Jeremy K. will have a Pioneer AVIC-D2 satellite navigation system in their hands shortly. We'll be having more big contests like this in the near future, so stay alert.

Autoblog runnerup entries (in no particular order)

Submitted by Matt H.

Submitted by Clayton A.

Submitted by Jonathan A.

Submitted by Matthew V. (Also has a corresponding ABG entry, and though we weren't looking for a set, each entry was received very well on its own)

Submitted by Shawn B.

Submitted by Shawn L.

Submitted by Zach S.

Submitted by Dennis D. (We really liked this series, but aren't in a place where we can change our logo)

AutoblogGreen runnerup entries (in no particular order)

Submitted by Matthew V.

Submitted by mrlee

Submitted by Jeremy K.

Submitted by Jason O.

Submitted by Joel P.

Submitted by Daniel M.

Submitted by Jonathan A.

Submitted by Alex V.

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