The Department of Energy has over $19 million on hand to fund hydrogen research

According to the U.S. Government's grant website, they have 19.3 million dollars to award "all types of domestic entities, including DOE/NNSA national laboratory contractors-except other federal agencies and non-DOE Federally Funded Research and Development Center contractors" for:

  • Improved hydrogen compression technology for hydrogen pipeline transmission
  • Hydrogen Storage for Stationary Applications and Gaseous Truck Delivery
  • Hydrogen Liquefaction
  • Hydrogen Production via Electrolysis

Thinking of applying? Do you have any questions? Try here: "Questions regarding the content of the announcement should be submitted through the Submit Question feature of the DOE Industry Interactive Procurement System (IIPS) at"

The deadline: "Mar 15, 2007 In order for the Hydrogen, Fuel Cells, and Infratructure Program to meet program goals."

That is a lot of money that the government is handing out. Not much compared to total government spending, of course, but still not exactly pocket change. What do you think about this? I know that many readers of this site hate the idea of hydrogen as fuel. I completely understand why they feel that way. There is currently no way of capturing hydrogen that uses less energy than the hydrogen captured carries. Yes, hydrogen is an energy carrier, not an energy source. I guess we will all see together what the future holds, won't we?

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