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Yamaha to unveil hydrogen fuel-cell scooter at EVS-22

At last year's Tokyo Motor Show, Yamaha introduced a fuel cell scooter called the FC-me. It ran on a liquid methanol-water solution and its size and performance would have fit nicely in the 50cc gas-fueled class. This year, Yamaha is upping the ante with the FC-AQEL, a 125cc comparable two-wheel fuel-cell that they'll show off at the 22nd Electric Vehicle Symposium in Yokohama, Japan.

The biggest difference between the FC-me and the FC-AQEL, other than size and weight, is that this time they're fueling the stack with two high-pressure hydrogen tanks rather than a methanol solution.

Now, how long is it going to take Yamaha engineers to create an 800cc comparable fuel cell race bike for Rossi?

You can read the entire translated press release after the jump. Here's a link to the original if you prefer reading it in Japanese.

[Source: Yamaha via Digital World Tokyo]
The YAMAHA fuel cell two-wheeled vehicle "FC-AQEL (EFUSHI AKUERU)" which used hydrogen as fuel is developed.
- "the 22nd Kokusai Electric automobile symposium (EVS22)" -- reference exhibition -

The fuel cell two-wheeled vehicle by which Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. carried the hydrogen fuel cell system of high-pressure hydrogen tank adoption "it is FC-AQEL (EFUSHI AKUERU). * " -- it develops and reference exhibition is carried out October 23 - 28 at "the 22nd Kokusai Electric automobile symposium (EVS22)" held in Pacifico Yokohama.

In our company, it thinks that the spread of small personal vehicles leads to environmental load reduction in the whole society, the product which makes clean energies, such as an electric commuter who moves by the electric hybrid bicycle or 100% electricity, the source of power was developed, and it supplies to a market. Also about research of a fuel cell, it tackles 20 years or more before, and the fuel cell two-wheeled vehicle "FC-me (EFUSHI I)" (50 cc class) carrying the "YAMAHA direct methanol fuel cell system" with which our company dealt uniquely in 2003 is developed, and lease is carried out to Shizuoka Prefecture and it is used for it in September, last year.

"FC-AQEL" which carries out reference exhibition this time is a fuel cell two-wheeled vehicle which applied the electric technology cultivated conventionally, control technology, the technology corresponding to environment, etc., and carried the hydrogen fuel cell "a YAMAHA hydrogen fuel cell system" of original development of our company and which is equivalent to high 125 cc class of flexibility in the two-wheeled vehicle market in the world.
Small and lightweight-ization are realized by adopting a metal separator as a fuel cell, being proud of the high efficiency and the high output by the hybrid system with a rechargeable battery. By carrying two high-pressure hydrogen tanks of 35MPa(s) in fuel aims at sufficient cruising range. moreover, the super-thin power unit (YIPU) technology in which the drive part was cultivated by the electric commuter -- applying -- a rear wheel hub part -- (1) -- flat brushless DC motor and (2) micro controller, (3) 遊星 slowdown machine, etc. are overly packed, miniaturization is attained by a rear arm and really designing further, and the ease of treating of a two-wheeled vehicle is compatible in the power performance and the miniaturization as it is.

Development of "FC-AQEL" is scheduled to promote research and development of a fuel cell two-wheeled vehicle, continuing to harness a "YAMAHA hydrogen fuel cell system", a "YAMAHA direct methanol fuel cell system", and each characteristic for the purpose of improvement in technology, creation of a new two-wheeled vehicle market, etc. corresponding to environment.

* the coined word whose AQEL FC-AQEL:FC combined "Fuel Cell (fuel cell)", and combined "Acqua (it is water with Italian)", and "Electric (electricity)"

Product photograph

YAMAHA fuel cell two-wheeled vehicle "FC-AQEL"

Many YAMAHA fuel cell two-wheeled vehicle "FC-AQEL" main 元

Outside 寸 (full length x full x 全 quantity): 1,845mmx770mmx1,100mm
Fuel cell kind: Solid high polymer type
Fuel Compression: hydrogen
Fuel tank filling pressure: 35MPa
Electric models: Exchange synchronous motor
Rechargeable battery: Lithium ion battery

YAMAHA fuel cell two-wheeled vehicle "FC-AQEL" feature map

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