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Dutch fuel cell scooter promises fast, clean and quiet commute

A Dutch firm has designed a fuel cell scooter, designed to be powered by hydrogen. The scooter, called Fhybrid, is a completely silent zero-emissions vehicle aimed at inner-city use. The scooter will be powered by a 670 Watt PEM fuel cell, operating at 48 Volt, combined with a 6kW peak power Lithium Ion battery. The working prototype, however, is powered solely by batteries. The battery stores up energy through regenerative breaking. The top speed of the scooter is 65 km/h, and it accelerates faster than regular scooters due to its high-torque in-wheel motor. The scooter will travel approximately 200 km on a full tank of hydrogen once the fuel cell is incorporated in the prototype. The electric engine of the scooter can be controlled very precisely, allowing a driver to park backwards or forwards without having to push the entire scooter in place.
[Source: EV World]

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