Top 12 electric vehicle milestones for 2006 (as selected by the grassroots)

The EV List Yahoo! discussion group sometimes feels like a place for EVheads only. The discussions can get pretty detailed and, if you're not converting your vehicle from ICE to EV, then you might feel a bit overwhelmed. But 2006 was the year electric vehicles blasted into public consciousness again, and more and more newbies joined the list. EV List members realized a few weeks ago that last year was really a banner year for EVs, and compiled a list of EV milestones that happened in 2006. Since these are the folks who know what was hot and what was not in the EV world, I thought it made sense to take a quick tour through their suggestions and present them here on AutoblogGreen (suggested by Darin Cosgrove of MetroMPG, a member of the list). So here, slightly edited and in no particular order, are the Top Twelve EV milestones of 2006:
  1. Who Killed the Electric Car? premiers at Sundance and An Inconvenient Truth. Both wake up a sleeping America to global warming and people see EVs as a part of the solution
  2. Tesla Motors unveils the Tesla Roadster
  3. The public momentum builds surrounding plug-in hybrids
  4. John Wayland and other EV drivers top the Top 10 on the and Matt Graham breaks 100 mph in the quarter mile
  5. Bill Dube's achievement with the Killacycle and the A123 batteries
  6. Myers Motors takes over the Sparrow
  7. High gas prices spark an interest in EVs
  8. Dennis Berube and the Current Eliminator's outstanding results racing against gasser dragsters
  9. Progress on battery technology; small start up companies conduct battery research for our cars (and us!).
  10. George Clooney gets a Tango
  11. Monster Garage Episode and using portable hand tool batteries
  12. These are actual practical production electric vehicles that you can go and buy and own and save money and the environment with no lease-take, back-crush tricks this time around
Anyone want to add any more in the comments?

[Source: EV List Yahoo! group, thanks to Darin Cosgrove of MetroMPG]

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