There was a segment on Monday's Oprah show with former Vice President Al Gore shopping at Lowes for energy-efficient products. He pointed to low-power light bulbs and water-heater wraps, noting that while only small amounts of CO2 emissions are reduced with each application, if everyone used them the results could have a major impact on saving our atmosphere.

While Oprah gushed with amazement at each of Gore's apocalyptic revelations and gave plugs for the DVD release of his movie, "An Inconvenient Truth," I wonder how much she's going to cut back? Is she going to install curly fluorescent bulbs in her Italian villa estate located on 42 acres in super expensive Montecito, California. One can only guess how much electricity her studio uses each day, or how much fuel her private jet burns shuttling her between homes.

The former vice president took advantage of the air time to present a concise, forceful overview of his movie. No doubt the exposure offered by Oprah will have an effect on the masses. But for every light bulb I change, Oprah could change hundreds. I feel she's the type of person that will make an effort. Let's see if there's a show about that.

[Source: Melanie Hunter,]

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