Terry Tamminen gets passionate about hydrogen

David Roberts of the Grist blogs interviewed Terry Tamminen, former secretary of the California EPA and author of "Lives per Gallon: the True Cost of Our Oil Addiction." An abridged version ran on the Grist Web site some time ago, but now Roberts has expanded the Q&A transcript and covers specific subjects. The interview became quite spirited when the topic turned to hydrogen, batteries and electric vehicles. Tamminen is a strong proponent of hydrogen, as is his former boss, governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Roberts continually pushed the straight electric option without a hydrogen economy, but Tamminen held his ground with some solid arguments. He also took the low road with the time-to-recharge fallacy. EV proponents have consistently argued that electric vehicles would be purchased for commutes, not long-haul vacations.

As the discussion grew more intense, Tamminen charged, "I really hate this discussion, to be honest -- It's vilifying one at the expense of the other, and my whole message is we've got to get all these technologies improved."

The list of reader comments following the interview are quite interesting, as well.

[Source: David Roberts / Grist]

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