It's official! Pontiac to get RWD platform, likely in G8

Perhaps riding a contact high from all the heady presentations at the NAIAS, GM product Czar Bob Lutz let fly that the Holden Commodore SS will be coming to the US as a Pontiac. Lutz went on to say that the car will be known as the G8, and that GM is looking at an official amount of "a lot." In this case, a lot adds up to about 30,000 per year, with reserve capacity in case they nail it with price and features, and demand is high.

We hope that's the case, as the Commodore/G8 would certainly fill a hole in Pontiac's offerings and could really shake things up in the sports sedan segment if executed well. We expect that the execution will be near spot-on, judging from the performance we've seen out of the General lately. The GTO nee Monaro paved the way for sourcing the G8 from Holden. The Commodore was developed with export in mind, and Holden has the export game figured out already. They send more Statesman luxury models out of Australia then they sell locally. Lots more, in fact. Since the GTO broke the ice and let GM know what their subsidiary is capable of in the land where toilets flush backwards ( not true), GM sounds excited to give the Excitement division a shot of, uh, excitement.


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